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    Jan 08, 2014 · You don't have to give up alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, vodka and whiskey to have a healthy, balanced diet, says "Health" magazine.

  • Calories in Vodka & Wine | LIVESTRONG.COM

    Apr 29, 2015 · Vodka and wine are two alcoholic beverages that you might be able to consume without wrecking your diet, as both are fairly low in calories. Remember,

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    If alcohol is a regular part of your diet and you're trying to lose weight, being more aware of what and how much you drink can make a difference.

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    There is often debate over which alcohol be it beer, wine, or liquor is better for weight loss. Find out which of the three is really the best.

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    Get the facts on how alcohol impacts nutrition, metabolism, diet and weight loss, blood sugar, vitamins and minerals. Learn the calorie content of beer and liquor.

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    Up to 40 percent of adults experience upper abdominal pain at one time or another, and many of them seek medical attention -- and in many cases, an underlying cause

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  • How Does Alcohol Affect Your Weight and Shape?

    Since the energy content of one gram of alcohol is 7.1 Kcal, it can be safely assumed that alcohol consumption could very well lead to weight gain.

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