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  • Old Crow Bourbon Review - Who is it For? - Whiskey Watch

    While some people really enjoy its taste, others despise it as a cheap bourbon that shouldnt be sold. Old Crow Bourbon Whiskey Drizly. Bourbon 43% ABV Kentucky,

  • Old Crow Bourbon Review Breaking Bourbon

    Much like Evan Willaims and Elijah Craig, the name James Crow is synonymous with bourbon. According to Jim Beam, Old Crow Bourbon takes its name from Dr. James C. Crow,

  • Old Crow Review - The Whiskey Jug

    Old Crow bourbon brands are owned by Jim Beam, and is one of three bourbons nicknamed The Olds (the other two are Old Overholt, and Old Grand-Dad). Figuring such a

  • Old Crow Bourbon Review ModernThirst

    Im quite fond of ezra brooks, ancient age (esp 10 star), heaven hill, etc. Old Crow as well is pretty good drinking whiskey. I always say cant go wrong with straight

  • Old Crow Review - The Whiskey Jug

    Age: 3 Years (Legal Minimum) Price: $ 12.00 -Liter. Price Range: $11 - $20. Old Crow lacks character- even bad character- its just bland, harsh and ultimately pointless .

  • Old Crow Review - The Whiskey Jug

    Old Crow is a yellowish golden color, which suggests, correctly, that it is a fairly young bourbon - only aged for 3 years. The distillation process doesnt use wood and

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  • OLD CROW BOURBON REVIEW - Bourbon Of The Day

    Flavor. Old Crow whiskey has a very corn and caramel-dominant flavor, which gives it a very unique sweetness. This bourbon has an underlying buttery flavor that enriches

  • Old Crow Review - The Whiskey Jug

    This bottle of Old Crow was packaged in a plastic bottle that proudly proclaims itself to be a lightweight traveler size with a built-in pouring spout. The bottle

  • Old Crow Bourbon Spirits Review

    Old Crow is traditional name in the bourbon world, but one that has, of late, been relegated to the bottom shelf or budget category almost exclusively. Old Crow

  • Old Crow Bourbon Review Whiskey Rocks

    In the 1970s Old Crow was owned by the now defunct National Distillers who also owned a bunch of other bourbon brands like Old Grand-Dad, Bourbon deLuxe, Sunny Brook, Old

  • Review on Old Crow Bourbon 2022: What Makes it So Special?

    Notes: The name of this Bourbon is one of the original Bourbons- the child of Dr. James Crow, a Scotsman who came to America and started producing Old Crow in

  • Whiskey Review: Old Crow Bourbon Thirty-One Whiskey

    When distilleries were again able to make bourbon after its repeal in 1933, Old Crow was reestablished and became one of the best-selling bourbons in the world. At this

  • Old Crow Bourbon Review ModernThirst

    Review: Old Crow Reserve Bourbon. I get that the words Old Crow and Reserve dont immediately make sense together. Though it was first ever sour mash whiskey, dates

  • 1970s Old Crow Review - The Whiskey Jug

    Old Crow is not my Go To bourbon, but it does the trick in many situations, especially at a price of $13.99 a handle. If I have family over and I am making cocktails,

  • Spirits Review Reviews Bourbon Old Crow

    Old Crow Whiskey 86 Proof Specs. Classification: Straight Bourbon Whiskey Origin: National Distillers Mashbill: Unknown Proof: 86 (43% ABV) Age: 6 Years Old Location:

  • Old Crow Bourbon - Review - Gentlemen Ranters

    Because of the liquors aging process variation, bourbons colors range from light amber to dark caramel and each bottle must contain at least 40% ABV. Bourbon can only

  • Review: Old Crow Reserve Bourbon - Drinkhacker

    James C. Crow was a Scottish immigrant that started Old Crow in the 1830s. Back then, their baseline expression was sold as just Crow, and as it aged longer it would

  • My Old Crow Bourbon Review and Tasting Notes

    With the ideas above in mind, Im going to compare a contemporary three year old Jim Beam Old Crow with a W.A. Gaines Old Crow from between 1954 and 1959. The back label

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