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classic spiced rum cocktails

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  • The 5 Best Spiced Rum Drinks and Cocktails You Can Make

    The richer, heavier flavors of spiced rum would sink a cocktail served up, but they align perfectly with fruity mix-ins in a blended version of the classic. Rhum agricole

  • 10 Best Spiced Rum Cocktails Recipes Yummly

    The Cable Car is a classic rum sour, elegant and delicious. Invented by Tony Abou-Ganim, its named after the cable car tracks by the bar he worked at in San Francisco .

  • 15 Classic Rum Drinks That You Should Know Taste of Home

    Try making one of these three Kraken classic rum cocktails at home, from a twist on a tried-and-true rum and Coke to a winter tipple that will warm you right up. May your

  • 9 Classic Rum Cocktails Everyone Should Know How to Make

    Take a look at our all-star selection of spiced rum cocktails and ginger cocktail recipes, including the signature Jerry Loves Ginger, rum punch & more. IMPORTANT NOTICE

  • The best three cocktails to make with The Kraken Black Spiced Rum

    Rum Cocktails, Dark Rum Drinks, Spiced Rum Drinks, Pineapple Rum Drinks, Coconut Rum Drinks, Coconut Rum Cocktails, Top 10 Rum Drinks, Rum Mixed Drinks, Rum Drink

  • Spiced Rum Total Wine & More

    The popularity of coconut rum has influenced this drink recently, finding its way in the the rum runner at many locations. Lets explore some of these tried and true rum

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  • 23 Rum Cocktails You Need to Try At Least

    My recipe for a spiced rum old fashioned is a modern twist of an old classic. I replace the traditional whisky with a more mellow (and seasonal) spiced rum which brings

  • Rum Drinks - Drinks With Rum - Happy-Ho

    A fun twist on the classic rum and coke, BACARD Spiced & Cola is a party pleaser thats sure to surprise the tastebuds. Get set to spice things up. LEVEL Easy Flavor

  • Cuban Rum Drinks - Cuban rum

    Discover Bacardi's world famous White Rum Cocktail Recipes. Find out the secrets to a host of some of the worlds most celebrated white rum cocktail recipes and start

  • 23 Rum Cocktails You Need to Try At Least Once

    White Rum Cocktails. Aussie Mule. The darling of the rum drinks, weve taken the classic Moscow Mule and Australianised it. Were good at that. Punchy, tart flavors of

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