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  • 22 Essential and Popular Vodka Cocktails - The Spruce Eats

    8. This alcoholic shot, a combination of vodka and lemon juice, tastes just like the classic lemon drop candy and is a fun drink for parties. By KATESWIFT. a low angle

  • Vodka Drinks Recipes Allrecipes

    Emily Hlavac Green. 1 of 44. Perfect Cosmopolitan. And just like that, this amazing throwback cocktail brings us right back to Sex and the City. Perfect with a

  • 44 Best Vodka Cocktails - Vodka Drinks to Try in 2022

    3-Ingredient Vodka Drinks (4 Ways) Happy Food, Healthy Life lemon-lime soda, cranberry juice, mixed berries, vodka, orange juice and 7 more Lemonade Cocktail KitchenAid

  • What is best to mix with vodka? Pursuant

    Green Bay Bloody Mary. This refreshing green brunch cocktail is made with cucumber, tart tomatillo, parsley, lemon, and green Tabasco. Feel free to use whatever vodka you

  • What Type Of Mix Drinks Can You Make With Vodka

    The classic recipe contains vodka, coffee liqueur (Kahla), and Baileys. Of course, if you dont want the coffee, you could use Crme De Cacao to make it more chocolatey .

  • What is Your Vodka IQ? - Food

    Slice the lemon into rounds. Thinly slice the strawberries. Place the lemons and strawberries in a pitcher with the vodka, simple syrup, and cranberry juice. Marinate at

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  • 30+ Delicious Vodka Cocktails The Kitchen Community

    Gin, mint leaves, vodka, ginger ale, celery sticks, sugar, lemon slices and 18 more Magical Color Changing Cocktails (Galaxy Cocktails) theflavorbender tonic water,

  • 10 Best Vodka Drinks Recipes Yummly

    This link opens in a new tab. We like to think of this recipe as a boozy smoothie. And since summertime livin' should be easy, we keep it to just five ingredients --

  • 27 Easy Vodka Cocktails to Make at Home Epicurious

    2 ounces of vodka. 1 ounces of apple cider. 1 ounce of simple syrup. ounce lemon juice. Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain the

  • 23 Classic Vodka Cocktails - Insanely Good

    American Star Ghost Chili Vodka. American Star Ghost Chili vodka is a great way to add a little spice to any cocktail that has a good amount of citrus our sweet

  • Easy Vodka Cocktails: 10 Extremely Simple Vodka Recipes

    Fruit juice. If you dont mind a bit of sugar in your cocktail, you can mix your vodka with any type of fruit juice (depending on your taste preferences). Pineapple

  • 20 Summer Vodka Drinks & Cocktails A Couple Cooks

    Watch vodka do its magic with these 10 classic vodka cocktails. 1. Cape Cod Mix together vodka, cranberry juice, and lime to make this simple, yet delicious cocktail. 2 .

  • 10 Best Mixed Drinks with Triple Sec and Vodka Recipes - Yummly

    Rosemary & Rhubarb. In this cocktail by bar legend Charlotte Voisey, apple-flavored vodka gets shaken with lemon juice, rhubarb syrup and rosemary sprigs to produce a

  • 25 Vodka Cocktails You'll Want to Make Again and Again

    5 13. The Greyhound. This classic cocktail is made with grapefruit juice and vodka is fresh and vibrant. Go to Recipe. 6 13. The Best Moscow Mules. This vodka-spiked

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