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  • Types of Wine - Types of White and Red Wine - All About Wine

    There are different types of wines and wine styles, basically wines are two types white wines which are colourless and red wines which have the color intensity based

  • 5 Types of Dessert Wine | Wine Folly

    Sweet Red Wine. Sweet reds are on decline except for cheap commercial production. However, there are still a few well-made historically interesting sweet reds worth

  • List of Sweet Red Wines - Tips And Ideas Around Wine Clubs

    List of Sweet Red Wines. Home > Types of red wine > List of sweet red wines. Before tackling a list of sweet red wines, it might be wise to get a slightly better

  • Types of Wine: Types of Red Wine, White Wine, Sparkling Wine

    What are all the different types of wine, and what are their main characteristics? What food can you pair them with? What are the types of red wine, white wine, and

  • Types of Red Wine - LoveToKnow

    Includes: the most popular types of red wine, other types of red wine, about the list, and be open to new tastes.

  • Common Types of Wine (top varieties to know) | Wine Folly

    8 basic types of wine (both red and white), including how they taste, what they look like in glass, and alternative options that have a similar taste.

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  • Types of wine (The 8 most popular names) - French Scout

    Types of red wine grapes Syrah (Sah-ra or Shi-raz) Shiraz or syrah are two names for the same variety. Europe vine growers and winemakers only use the name syrah.

  • Types of Red & White Wine | California Table Wine

    We offer a variety of red & white wines including Sangria, Chianti, and Chardonnay. Come explore our types of red and white wines!

  • types of marsala - Basic Wine Tips, FAQS, Information

    Marsala Wine and Winery Guide - interested in drinking marsala, or cooking with marsala? Read on for more information about this tasty wine!

  • Red Wine and Types of Red Wines - All About Wine

    Red Wine - Get all details about sparkling popular red wine, how to make red wine, red wine types and list. To know more about red wine right serving temperature

  • Best Red Wine Brands 2017 - Liquorista

    Red wines remain the most popular wine on the market. The different aroma and taste textures make red wines absolutely fascinating and there are many exoti

  • The Best Types of Wine to Cellar - Modern Wine Cellar

    Aging Suggestions for Common Types of Wine. Beaujolais - 0 to 3 years; Beaujolais Nouveau - drink as soon as possible; Bordeaux, Red - 5 to 20 years

  • Popular wine types - short description - US Top wines

    Here we want to make a description of wine styles per variety (chardonnay, pinot noir, etc.). Our description will treat only the most popular wine types o - Wine

  • Types Of Champagne - Basic Wine Knowledge

    All types of champagne are produced in the region of France by the same name. Find out more here.

  • Wine Sweetness Chart

    A chart showing the scale of sweetness (or dryness) of red and white wines. Descriptions of popular wine varieties.

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