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  • How do I apply for LiquorBartender License?

    The Indiana Alcohol Tobacco Commission (ATC) licenses and regulates the permits: bartender, waiter, waitress, salesperson and clerk associated with the sale or service of

  • Liquor License Requirements for Indiana Get Liquor License

    The Indiana State Excise Police (ISEP) is the law enforcement division of the ATC. You can learn more about the ISEP here: link. To serve alcohol as an employee, a

  • Obtaining An Alcoholic Beverage Permit - ATC

    Acquiring A Liquor License The first step to acquiring an alcoholic beverage license is to determine if there is one available in the area in which you intend to open

  • ATC: Alcohol Beverage Applications & Forms

    Alcohol Beverage Applications & Forms. The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC) is happy to provide guidance and direction on the process for submitting

  • Indiana Liquor License: How to Get One and Other FAQs

    The Indiana ATC indicates that the application process can take 10 to 12 weeks. This process includes: Turning in the forms and fee (Your fee is determined by the type of

  • How Do I Get a Liquor License State by St

    The Indiana liquor license cost varies between the different license types. It is paid on an annual basis. After the licensing year passes, the license holder needs to

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  • Is it hard to get a liquor license in NY? - Alc

    The goals of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, as defined by state law, are: To protect the economic welfare, health, peace, and morals of the people of the

  • Apply for an Alcoholic Beverages License (ABCC) -

    ContactPhone: 800-877-9057APPLY NOW INDIANA TYPE 201 DISTILLER PERMIT Listed: February 14th, 2022ContactPhone: 800-877-9057APPLY NOW. If you would like to manufacture,

  • What Types Of Licenses Are Available In Indiana

    TYPE DESCRIPTION EXTENDED TYPE CITY TOWN 101: Brewer : 101-1: Small Brewer : 102: Beer Wholesaler : 103: Beer Retailer: Restaurant: Incorporated: 104: Beer Dealer

  • How to Get an Indiana Liquor License - Surety Bonds Blog

    ATC Online Services. Please click on the appropriate link below. If you have any questions, you can contact the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission via our Contact Page. If you

  • ATC: Home

    Youll need a liquor license in Indiana if you are planning to operate a business that serves alcoholic beverages to your patrons. Typically, theyre categorized by the


    ContactPhone: 800-877-9057APPLY NOW INDIANA TYPE 601 CARRIER TRUCKS PERMIT Listed: March 2nd, 2022ContactPhone: 800-877-9057APPLY NOW. If you would like to move,

  • ATC: License Types

    Contact. Phone: 800-877-9057. APPLY NOW. INDIANA TYPE 230 LIQUOR, BEER & WINE RETAILER CATERING HALL PERMIT. Listed: February 26th, 2022. If you would like to sell

  • ATC: ATC Online Services

    Use this step-by-step guide to fill out the State of Indiana liquor license type 900 form swiftly and with excellent precision. Tips on how to complete the State of Renew

  • Homepage - Indiana Liquor LicensesIndiana Liquor Licenses

    Phone: 800-877-9057. APPLY NOW. INDIANA TYPE 401-3 LIQUOR PRIMARY SOURCE PERMIT. Listed: March 1st, 2022. If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler of liquor and would like


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  • INDIANA TYPE 230 LIQUOR, BEER & WINE - Liquor License

    In order to obtain a Liquor License Transfer, all taxes must be current. An estimated advance payment will be collected for the current year taxes. Advance payment must

  • Indiana Liquor License Form - Fill Out and Sign Printable PDF

    Indiana state law requires completion of a certified server training program for persons holding an Employee Permit to dispense alcoholic beverages. The certification

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