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    Booze for a Busy Lifestyle? Powdered Alcohol Packets Just Went Up in Smoke

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    Palcohol, or powdered alcohol, @DrRichardBesser what, if any, rules/regulations are in place to prevent underage ppl from buying the powdered alcohol packets?

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    Powdered alcohol “Palcohol”is set to hit store shelves across the United States later this year — but is this idea original? The history of Palcohol dates back to the early 1970s — yes, other inventors thought that powered alcohol needed to go mainstream.

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    Because Palcohol is such a new and revolutionary product, there will probably many more uses discovered. Because powdered alcohol is so light,

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    The controversy over powdered alcohol - are your for or against Palcohol? Over the last month, the concept of powdered alcohol has been a hot topic of discussion.

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    subyou powdered alcohol targeted teens with the edgy taglines It was available in 20 gram packets for approximately 1 When and how can we buy this product? Reply.

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    There are a multitude of possibilities to sell Palcohol to consumers and businesses. While we did not invent powdered alcohol, buy three packets of Palcohol at

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